[Press][Coinness] Business partnership agreement between Kebsap N.S. Trading and ENECT, energy informatics platform based blockchain tech

Enect announces an agreement with Kebsap N.S. Trading Co., Ltd on 24th Dec 2018, Bangkok Thailand – an effort to improve energy efficiency

Kebsap N.S in Thailand decides to adopt ENECT platform optimized for energy effective management by tracking energy usage history and service level.

Enect has a plan to create energy effective system based on its energy management solution to entry into initial market in Thailand. They will build a platform to integrate their own technologies more easily for the hotels early next year and make the annual energy savings escalate at 20% per year.

Ome Kebsap, Chairman, said, “I hope to create a new energy effective system for my hotels and expand its solution on other hotels and office buildings in Thailand. I think I just found my partner who will do business with me. We agreed today, first of all, to work together toward business success working together with Enect”