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Energy must be green for
both nature and humanity.

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enect blockchain

The absence of energy info is
wasting energy all over the world
Energy info means all information related to energy such as energy production, energy efficiency management, energy consumption and energy saving methods. (e.g., power plants, factories, residential facilities and etc.)
The absence of energy info means that an energy management system is not working well. Improving the efficiency of energy, Most countries in the world have been making efforts to maximize energy production and reduce consumption by developing and applying innovative technologies.
Energy informatics is the foundation
for sustainable, eco-friendly world
The world is no longer interested in mass production nor consumption of energy at a low cost.
Today what we want is to use an optimized and efficient way through smart operation/management system based on energy informatics, integrated and shared energy info. The new energy system can build energy informatics platforms that include the latest information communication infrastructure, and artificial intelligence. Thus, it enables the most efficient sequence of smart energy infrastructures that lead to production, management, and energy use.
enect uses energy info through energy informatics blockchain network to distribute eco-friendly energy solutions universally. If energy producers and users maximize energy efficiency, it can be a realistic solution to a clean future.

enect concept

The enect energy informatics networks integrate energy info into blockchains
The enect data model has been designed to efficiently store and properly utilize energy info.
The enect Data Analytical Algorithm (eDAA) is designed based on the international standards ISO 150001 and ISO 14001,
and enbox processes analyzes and diagnoses of bigdata collected from various measurement objects in real-time.

enect structure

enect divides energy consumers into five levels.

enect algorithm

enect application

enect application is composed of Global energy producer information and Global energy user information
Participants provide energy information to enbox and can trade with encoin.

Moreover, enbox will provide Encoin to its customers through the Green Analytical
Point Algorithm (GAPA) as a reward for collecting energy data that is the basis of energy informatics.

Compensation for energy informatics

enect distinguishes network participants into two categories; energy producers and energy consumers.
There are three types of rewards for participants who contributed to the network through energy informatics.

Big Data Contribution Reward
The energy informatics is collected and generated through the enbox. enbox allows energy consumers to collect energy info without third party involvement, and energy consumers’ energy info can also be collected through a variety of IoE devices.
Energy information measured through enbox is used to format data through producers and users, groups and stages. The energy info that is generated and collected contributes to the accumulation of big data in the network. This helps the sophistication and elevation of the enect protocol. Participants contributing to this big data will be rewarded with encoin.
Compensation for use of energy info
Energy Information is owned by the party providing the energy info. Anyone who wants to use Energy Information must acquire the right to use energy info for the owner. At this time, the owner of the energy info may be compensated for the approval of enect to use energy info to a third company, or a third party certified by enect. The energy info transaction that takes place at this time can be contracted through enect defined by enect, and the conditions of the compensation can be changed according to the rating of energy info possessed by the proprietor. Energy information owners and energy information users can define the value of energy info through transactions, and mutual participants will recognize the value of the energy info and contribute to the development of the environmentally friendly energy industry.
Quest rewards
The enect energy informatics network plans to implement a variety of businesses through the integration and operation of big data collected through enbox. Through App such as enmarket, enreport, enmedia, etc., we arrange deals between energy producers and energy consumers, and compensation is given to transactions between them. The various platforms implemented in the enect network will arrange the initial B2B transaction and will be able to trade products and energy info in various distribution forms such as B2B, B2C, and B2B2C.



Starting development of enect project business planning
Starting development of enect enbox v1 engine (Algorithm, Ai)


Starting of development of enect enbox v2 protocol (energy informatics, blockchain)
Starting of development of enect applications development (enmarket)
Global strategic partnership agreement (China/America)
Global strategic partnership agreement (Vietnam)
Starting development of enect platform system
Token Sales
ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
Global strategic partnership agreement (Japan/Taiwan)
enbox (enect application) Release
Global strategic partnership agreement (Indonesia)
enmartket (enect application) Release
Global strategic partnership agreement (Singapore, Thailand)


enreport (enect application) Release
Global strategic partnership agreement (India)
enmedia (enect application) Release
Global strategic partnership agreement (Europe)
encoin [Altcoin] Release


Construction of enect Town

enect team

Introducing enect team with blockchain capabilities
and energy/environment areas that enable eco-friendly cities.

  • Sean KimCEO
    Co-Founder of enect
    CEO of SNS Energy
    Youth consultant in center for creative economy and innovation
    Director in Korea venture business association
    Member of New industry policy cooperation committee in Ministry of trade industry and energy in Korea
    Korea small medium business administration ombudsman
  • Dejun QianCTO
    CEO and Founder of BitSE, created QTUM
    Founder of Fusion Blockchain : cryptofinance from the internet of values
    VeChain·Founder of Kernel Blockchain Technologies
    IBM regional branch general manager/client unit executive
    Bachelor of computer science, Fudan University
  • Herny AUCSO
    Co-Founder & CSO of Digital Crest Asia
    Regional Operational Director of MSN Asia, and VP of Asia Liaison Officer
    Security Officer of Citibank
    CIO of The Carlyle Group
    MBA & M.Sc. at The University of Hong Kong / M.A. & B.Eng. & B.A.I. at Trinity College, Ireland
  • Mark shinCMO
    Co-Founder & CEO of Digital Crest Asia
    over 25 years of experience in IT security and ICT service
    Managing Director of RNTS MEDIA GmbH Germany and Seoul
    EVP of SECOS-Nokia Enterprise Solutions
    B.S. Computer Science & Software Engineering at OCU, USA
  • Jaden ShinCOO
    Samsung Group Product Development and Sales Strategy
    KSCB (Korea Stem Cell Bank) Business Strategy Planning
  • Joungwook Hong
    Over 11 years of experience in security development and IT consulting
    Professional experience in cryptography, security protocols and clock chain
    Master of Information Security, Korea University (Security protocol major)
  • Evan Ha
    Over 8 years of experience in Embedded development and IT consulting
    Professional experience in LG Electronics and Motorola etc.
    Master's course of block-chain at Sogang University, Korea
  • Jin Hur
    Blockchain and software Engineer over 10 years
    CTO of SNS Energy Co., Ltd.
    Bachelor of Computer Science, Purdue University, USA
  • Minsuk Park
    Strategy and Marketing specialist for a decade
    Co-founding member of sucessfully merged Korean start-ups
  • Jake Choi
    CEO and Co-founding member of successfully merged start-ups
    Business development experiences in China and South East Asia
    Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Joey Chun
    Over 15 years of experience in energy industy and global investment attraction
    Business developing experiences all over Asian countries
    Bachelor of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University, USA
  • Anold Yoo
    Specialist in IT and Computer Science field
    Investment and risk management experience of numerous multinational companies
    Member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Yoochan Park
    Professional in Cloud and ERP system
    Experiences in setting up Cloud system for mulinational companies
    Key member of developing energy data analysis system at SNS Co., Ltd.
  • Harry So
    Director at DHS Engineering Limited
    America Energy Engineer, USA, Board Member in Hong Kong Chapter
    Consultant for City of Dream Casino, Macau, NTT Data Center, China Sinopec
    Doctorate in Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
    MBA, University of Louisville, USA
    MSc.in EE, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Andrew Lee
    Co-founder & CEO of BoxAsOne Limited
    Managing Director of 21Vianet Group Inc.
    Commercial Director of Hutchison Telecom HK Limited
    Regional Director of Asia Global Crossing and IXnet Inc.
    University of Surrey, UK
  • Nattanan(Ome) Kebsap
    Founder & CEO at Omes Co., Ltd
    Business Dvelopment Director at Bit Beta Pte., Ltd
    Founder & CEO at Emulation Coi., Ltd
    Business Dvelopment Director at Bit Beta Pte., Ltd
    United Nations Headquarter Geneva
    Harvard University
    Swiss Hotel Management School
  • Jooyeon Lee
    Professor of Industrial Engineering at Ajou University, Korea
    Former Executive director of POSCO ICT
    Industrial convergence ombudsman, Ministry of trade, industry and energy, Korea Head of New industry convergence technology R&D center, Korea
    Head of New industry convergence technology R&D center, Korea
  • Mark Reder
    General Counsel & Director of Oversight, Compliance and Risk Management SkyMedicus, Inc.
    Attorney, May Indiana Gaming Commission
    Legal Counsel Consulate of Mexico - Indianapolis
    Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Marco Poliquin
    Asobimo Asobi Coin ERC721
    apan Ambassador The Rouge Project
    PRASM AI Health
    AITHEON AI Robotic